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i really dislike going through my dashboard on my laptop….i just prefer mobile

Be grateful for the wound that pushes you towards God.

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how does one help one that doesn’t know what they want or know how to help themselves? it’s frustrating! i need to stop making people’s problems my own…. but honestly speaking I can’t do that, once a friend tells me a problem, i just assume they need help and once i fry my brain from thinking of a million ways they can resolve their issue, and they don’t use it … because they “don’t know if it will work” or they will try another way but than never get around to it, and than come back to me a few days later complaining and crying about the same issue!!!!!! i mean i come up with pretty good advice, i search the web for resources and everything, sometimes i even make calls to help resolve their issues and they just aren’t happy! it really ticks me off…. but being the person that i am, i see that you have a problem and would rather have you living a worry-free life so i forget that you are an unappreciative piece shyt!


Keeping in touch with your cousins around the world so you have a place to stay for when you do travel.

I finally accepted the position in Shanghai, I didn’t really like beijing that much, it’s not my kind of city, and Shanghai is also offering an apartment although I am only going to be teaching on the weekends, they seemed to really like me and I loved how the lady really liked that i wore a hijab (^_^). It won’t be so bad classes monday to early friday mornings and than on a plane or train to Shanghai and teach on the weekends and come right back. I won’t find it exhausting I hope.


Athletes vs. Educators in America


Waqti (2014). A short Somali film.

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I Want You Back - Yuna


me every hour


me every hour

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Lookbook MELA par Mélanie Laplante

Photographe: Laurie Godin-Rheault
Stylisme: Marie-Ève Venne
MUA/Coiffure: Sandrine Martineau
Modèle: Amélie PM

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Downtown Minneapolis HDR from the warehouse district.


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